To be completely honest and transparent with those we serve about what we do, generally how we do it and why it is done in the way that it is. Accountability at all levels of the agency has been and will continue to be the consistent practice.

To respect ALL human life and treat those we serve with dignity, while doing all that is reasonably necessary to ensure public safety and protect property.

Maintain and continuously improve upon the high level of modern, community policing services being carried out in all rural and unorganized areas of Aroostook County. *Crime clearance rates for our law enforcement division far exceed the state and national averages. 

Continue to be good stewards of your hard earned money that you pay in property taxes. *While continuously improving the level and quality of service you receive, we have each year spent $200,000 less than what was approved for budgets. 

In concert with our law enforcement partners, maintain existing and develop new relationships with schools, businesses, industry and others to develop and exercise safety plans that will help prevent and/or reduce the impact of acts of violence. *With funding from federal grants, we coordinated and administer the first in Maine, county-wide deployment of an automated school safety communication program in 2018. 

Maintain our long-standing commitment to support multi-jurisdictional drug enforcement efforts through the assignment of several deputy sheriffs to the state drug enforcement task force, and to support those efforts through consistent, open communication and collaboration.

Continue to provide a wide array of low cost, high value programming to help jail inmates break the cycles of substance abuse and criminal behavior that bring them back to jail over and over. *State jail inspectors have lauded our programming as some of the best and most practical in Maine’s county jails. 

Continue working closely with mental health advocacy and treatment organizations to increase crisis intervention training throughout the greater law enforcement community in order to minimize the incarceration of those who deserve adequate, community based mental health care. *We are the only agency in Aroostook County who trained and certified 100% of our sworn deputy sheriffs as well as select jail and dispatch center staff in the most current, advanced crisis intervention techniques. 

Work fairly and honestly with municipalities who come to the county seeking assistance in improving the delivery of public safety services, while retaining the level of local control that the residents are comfortable with and can reasonably afford. It is not the role of the county, or the sheriff, to come to your town and tell you what you need.